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Edward Hogg on his echolocation
training with Alejandro Navas


Putting the opaque contact lenses in really helped me. Even though I still had some vision it was a sense of being on the other side of sight, behind the wall of the prosthetic. Alejandro had told me he could use anything to hand to help him echolocate. He showed me how even the brushing of the denim on the inside of his jeans could help him establish the environment around him. I was so taken aback at his speed and how direct he was when he decided to move. Any knock or contact he made with an object he hadn’t located didn’t deter him in any way.

He simply re-adjusted and set off again, head up and chest out. In life - blind or not - obstacles are sometimes hidden. The ability to re-adjust and set off again both physically and mentally were qualities I thought Ian should inhabit entirely.